Vacuum Packing

vacuum packing

Vacuum Packing

Our contract Vacuum Packing process will ensure your products are packaged and presented at their best. A durable and cost effective solution to add great value to our contract packing and packaging services.

Our ethos of continuous improvement reflects in our constant investment in the business buying new and innovative technology for packaging your products as well as investing in the training of our dedicated personnel.

Vacuum Packing is a great example of this. When one of major clients came to us to ask for special packaging to be used in stores for Submarines we were more than happy to invest in the Vacuum packaging technology which would facilitate this. We have experience in many different packaging formats and materials and you can to choose from hard wearing durable formats that will last under significant handling to high finish films that will show your premium high-value product off to its best advantage.

As well as Vacuum Packing we have flow wrappingshrink wrapping, heat sealed, films and goody bag formats and of course, every size, shape, format and colour of labelavailable to tell your customers what delights await them inside your special presentation.

With our many years of experience and wide customer base we have gained a huge amount of knowledge in what works and what doesn’t in many sectors of the market.

We bring this experience to our customers on a daily basis enabling them to keep up with the trends, the latest technologies and formats, as well as changes to regulation and working practices.

Guided by our Quality Management System and our BRC accreditation we take every step to ensure your products are packaged and presented in the best possible way to please your customers.

In each case a detailed specification is drawn up for the work to be undertaken and our experienced staff analyse each part of the process to understand how best to handle your products and discuss and agree a documented process for the task.

Please feel free to ask for a quote for any of theses packaging formats we have highlighted or indeed ones we may not. We have probably packed your format before and even if we have not would be delighted to discuss any new ideas you may have.

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