Sarah Coles, Head of Sales & Marketing

Having worked at 24-7 Steller Packing for nearly 8 years, Sarah has witnessed a number of changes within the business, most recently the buyout of the business in November 2018.

Prior to becoming head of sales & marketing, Sarah was sales & marketing manager for 7 years, Sarah has spent most of her career in sales. With a media recruitment background and two previous roles in the media sales, exhibitions & publishing sector she has particular experience in media sales.

Sarah prides herself on her consultative approach towards sales, which has proven effective as evident with the company’s turnover quadrupling since her inception.

She is also responsible for building relationships with new clients and consolidating existing ones. Sarah focuses on long-term relationships, which helps to ensure return custom and contributes to business growth.

This attitude is evident in everything she does, for example: she has built a great partnership with a prominent, multinational beauty company, which has resulted in 24-7 Steller Packing becoming the only approved re-worker for their products.

Similarly, Sarah gained a luxury beauty brand as a new client, when she contacted them after receiving one of their mascaras as a wedding gift, showing the power of being passionate about the products that you’re packing.

Speaking about the dedication of the 24-7 Steller Packing team, Sarah says: “We all really care. All of the team, if we need to, have come in on bank holidays or weekends. The whole time I have been here we’ve never let a customer down on a deadline, even if it means working through the night.”

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