Julian Williams-Dalson, Site Director

As site director, Julian assumes operational command of the whole business – from sales and production to technical HR and finance. In 24-7 Steller Packing, he sees a company with great potential.  Realising that potential is now his number one focus.

The former cricketer turned businessman has held a number of senior positions in a long career that has included stints as operations director, Hillsdown Holdings; group operations director at Anglo Dutch Meats and head of operations at ABP UK Ltd.

Julian’s past experience and industry experience will be a key factor in recognising ambitions to bring success back to 24-7 Steller Packing. For him, as with the rest of the new management team brought in to turnaround the business, failure isn’t an option.

As well as changing the management structure, that has included rolling out improved processes, practices and protocols that will transform how the company has been run to date and levels of customer service.

There will be more to come in 2019, but his work to date is already seeing results – from stocktaking through to costings, quality management, accreditations and formal staff training.  Julian has also overseen the move to new premises that will give the company the right configuration of space to enhance production and storage space.

“What I like about this business is its potential, the customer base, the products we pack and the kudos of working for everyone from leading cosmetic brands to premium luxury retailers,” Julian says.

“I’m driven by success and can see a great opportunity here. We have got the right experience in situ, the right people looking at the product who care about the product and who care about the customers.  That’s the starting point on which the management team and I are now looking to build.”

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